Freedom Checks Sounds like a Scam, but Feels Like an Investment

Freedom Checks are the latest investment opportunity from guru Matt Badiali, and he is so sure of the payout he’s filmed infomercials. Although many dismiss Freedom Checks as a scam, the truth behind is it may be a viable investment opportunity. It works off a new tax plan that allows certain natural resource companies to operate tax free. In order to achieve this benefit they have to adhere to certain standards, one of which allows the payout of $34.6 billion dollars to MLP stakeholders. This is the opportunity that Matt Badiali wants to share. Read more about Freedom Checks at

MLP stands for master limited partnership, which is a business partnership that can be publicly traded. The use of such partnership can allow businesses to have tax advantages and generate more cash flow, but require that cash to be paid out to investors. In order to fit the requirements such companies have to distribute 90% of their revenue to their stakeholders, which arrives in the form of monthly to quarterly checks. These stakeholders have to do nothing, all they have to do is buy shares and sit back.

Like anything it is an investment, and is only as good as the company whose shares are purchased, but the possibility if so great Badiali is telling everybody. Anyone of any age can purchase Freedom Checks, all they have to do is buy shares in the companies. Shares can be purchased for as low as $10 dollars, but must be purchased before July 1st.


Matt Badiali is a graduate of Penn State University. He is a noted geologist and investment expert in the realm of natural resources. He travels the globe researching and examining the mining and drilling operations of various companies. He can tell which companies are good investments by the way they produce and process the natural resources they deal in. His expertise has led many to make profitable investments, and he is an editor for Banyan Tree Publishing. The investment website employs foremost experts to offer advice to low-level investors.

Badiali is a knowledgeable source to take actionable advice from, so what he says about Freedom Checks cannot be easily dismissed. On the whole Freedom Checks sounds like another scam, even uses the same script as some known scams. But it is not a scam, it is an investment. It promises a profitable outcome but like any investment it may not bear fruit. But the payout coming if it does is too good to ignore. Read this article at Money Morning.