Stream Energy and Its Recent Philanthropic Moves

Stream Energy is a firm that provides energy services. It was founded in the year 2005 and started its services at Texas. Three years later, it had expanded to the other seven states. It took its services further to Georgia by 2010 and the North – East. Of late the company offers a variety of services including gas, phone, and electricity services.

Apart from its focus on business ventures in energy, Stream Energy also has initiatives that help the community. They recently founded a program known as Stream Cares Foundation. The activities of this program include helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The hurricane that affected most people in Houston left lots of people and animals stranded after the rain and floods. Stream Energy worked together with Hope Supply and helped the residents and clients that were affected.

On January 2018, the organization committed themselves to help the people in need in Port Arthur that were also affected by the hurricane. They offered furniture at the Families Matter event that was in Texas Port Arthur. Among the items were dressers, couches, lamps, dining tables, desks, mirrors, chairs, among other furniture. There were 7 truckloads in total that were donated by hotels in Las Vegas to help the over hundred families that were affected by the disaster.

Stream Energy’s program Stream Cares particularly gave lots of support to the event. They provided healthy and hearty meals to volunteers and also helped in unloading the pieces of furniture from the truckloads. The furniture pieces were about 900, and the temperatures were high up more than 30 degrees, and therefore, the work lasted for more than a couple days.

Stream Energy Corporate Office together with the executives like Andrea Allen and Billy Filer coordinated the whole event. They made sure that the people were fully motivated, energized and inspired. With such and many activities, Stream Energy has really changed the world. It acknowledges the fact that it is important to help the underprivileged people in society and has made steps towards the betterment of their situation.

GreenSky: Making The Personal Home Improvement Loan Easier

Why should you ever have to struggle to find a source of money to do something as positive as adding on improvements to your home? The answer is that this should not be a struggle. Everyone gets some benefit when you decide to make a move like this. You add value to your home both for your own personal use and when you decide to sell it. The lender gets their profit in terms of interest as well. The only difficulty has been finding a willing lender when you need one.

GreenSky is a new financial services app for your smartphone that helps pair you up with the lenders who are willing to make a loan to someone looking to improve their home. The company primarily partners with just a handful of banks at the moment who have been more than willing to step up and step in as needed. Those banks are SunTrust, Regions, and First Third Bank. Each of these is a trusted brand name that you have likely heard of before.

What GreenSky does is helps those banks pair up with the borrowers that they need so that a loan can be made. The app is great because it cuts out a lot of the heavy lifting that borrowers would have to do to find their lenders. At the same time, GreenSky cuts out work for the banks as well as they don’t prefer to search for their own customers if they don’t have to. It is the classic win-win scenario that everyone desires.

As far as financial apps go it is hard to beat GreenSky. They are simply the top of the pyramid because they have taken this great idea and brought it to the masses. You can count on them to find the right kind of lenders for you so that your dream improvements can actually be put into place. Beyond that you just need to make sure that you get in touch with the lender that is going to work with you and you are all set. Check out GreenSky today to start working on your home improvement projects.

Stream Energy Philanthropy Comes to the Rescue

In Dallas Texas, Stream Energy comes to the rescue after Hurricane Harvey, partnering with Hope Supply company and much, more. The efforts of the Stream Energy company have delivered effective and much-needed philanthropy. Not only did they relieve the discomforts and homelessness of their customers, they performed a full-on community outreach on many levels. They were featured in the blog that talked about Stream Cares which is the Stream Energy corporate philanthropy project.

What is corporate Philanthropy?

In the case of Stream Energy, they developed a corporate strategy geared towards philanthropy. Stream Cares, is a division of that company that uses all appropriate resources to assist their customers in unusual ways. However, philanthropic endeavors by a local company will typically reach out to the community at large. They can do this in the case of an emergency as Stream Energy did with Hurricane Harvey in Dallas Texas or, they can choose a specific area of detriment and or neglect in their home town such as homelessness. In this case, Energy Stream did both.

What Energy Stream Does

They provide direct energy selling and mobile services. They pay their people to build a strong, local unity and trust between the community and the company. For over 4 years, Stream Energy with Stream Cares has worked in tandem with Hope Supply Company to bring the much needed things that homeless kids and parents need. This includes money but is not limited to it. They deliver diapers, clothing and school supplies to families in need. They also deliver experiences like a water park for kids and parents that are displaced or homeless as a fundraiser for the cause.

These acts are a part of a heart-based mission undertaken by Stream . They believe it develops a strong relationship with the community. In 2016, tornado’s ripped through Northern Texas and left people instantly homeless. The company, along with the Salvation Army matched the donations brought in by their associates and doubled them. This company also works to help veterans that are unemployed, homeless or displaced.

There’s no end to what this company had done to give back to the community and it’s expected that they’ll be more to come.

Adam Milstein Talks the Preservation of Culture

Real estate investor, philanthropist, and founder of the Israeli-American Council, Adam Milstein, recently participated in a Q&A session, where he discussed a number of circumstances surrounding his career, as well as the processes that keep him productive. Adam Milstein was born in the State of Israel. He attended the Technion, graduating in 1978, and he is also a veteran of the Yom Kippur War. Today, Mr. Milstein serves as the chairman of the board for the Israeli-American Council, and since its inception in 2007, he has helped the organization to become one of the fastest growing of its kind in the United States. In helping to co-found the Israeli-American Council, Adam Milstein and his team aim to build a unified Jewish community, while also strengthening the ties between the United States and the State of Israel. Although his primary career focus is in real estate, he has always maintained strong ties with the Jewish community, and through the need for a more unified collective, the Israeli-American Council was born.

In working at the Israeli-American Council, Adam Milstein gets the opportunity to fulfill one of his passions – working with the future generations in an effort to further their mission. Although Mr. Milstein is cognizant of the growing presence of antisemitism, the time he’s spent with the youth, he is assured of their potential by their enthusiasm. In order to ensure that each day is spent in a productive manner, Adam Milstein always begins with a prayer, feeling that establishing this connection with God, helps to bring about a necessary balance. This also helps to remind him of his purpose, which, in his estimation, is to help strengthen, bringing about a greater semblance of solidarity. This passion creates, in him, a continuous drive that allows his ventures to remain fruitful.

Throughout Adam Milstein’s career, he has learned a number of valuable lessons, but according to him, knowledge of one’s history ranks at the top of the list. In his estimation, there is a necessity for the defense of Jewish culture and tradition, and in order to preserve these practices, they must be taught and kept by the youth.

Who is Ara Chackerian?

Angel investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, all things which can fit the description of one man, this man being Ara Chackerian. Ara Chackerian is the managing director of ASC Capital Holdings LLC, where he invests in the early stages of healthcare companies which devote their time to re-inventing the U.S. healthcare system. His resume is extensive and impressive to say the least. He has over two decades of experience in building healthcare companies while also coming from thirty-four years of teaching and research at the Florida State University, before his retirement in 2003. In addition to this he has a Ph.D from the Florida State University, while also holding the credit to numerous companies which he has helped to create. One of these companies is BMC Diagnostic, an imaging firm which is an industry leader in diagnostic imaging services. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Other companies which Chackerian can be held accountable for include that of TMS Health Solutions, a behavioral health services provider in California, and PipelineRX, which is the provider of telepharmacy services on a national scale. On top of his company creation experience, Chackerian also has much experience as the executive of various companies. Chackerian was the C.E.O. of BMC Diagnostic, while also serving as the executive chairman of TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRX. He also was the executive vice president of PSS World Medical, an international medical products distributor. Chackerian’s contributions to society do not stop here, he is a big proponent of philanthropy and in this fashion founded Nor Luyce in 2009. Currently he serves on the board of directors of the organization, which works to provide girls from orphanages and low-income families a reliable one-on-one mentoring relationship. The foundation specifically assists young women in their transition from being an orphan to a self-supporting adult. Since the inception of the program it has become renowned for its success in assisting young women in need. Check out medium to see more.

Furthermore, Ara Chackerian has become a vital part to the mission at Nor Luyce, as since the organization was created he has become known as the main source of funding for it. All these success stories and more can be attributed to Chackerian as he also is known as the founder of ProviderLink an internet-based communication management tool, as well as Limonapa Teak, a private 1,000-acre teak farm which produces high quality teak. There’s no task which seems too tall for the man known as Ara Chackerian.

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Igor Cornelsen Makes Investing Easier

If there is one thing that could be said for investing, it is that it could be very hard for people that don’t know what they are doing. There is a lot of frustration that comes with making investments. If people are unable to learn what they need to know about investing on, then they could find themselves struggling to make profits off of their own activities. Even the experienced investors have to make sure that they watch their steps when they are trying to invest in the stocks or commodities that they are interested in. Diligence and care is the difference between prosperity and bankruptcy.

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Igor Cornelsen is one of the investors that always take on the risks that are involved in investing. He understands that the opportunities can fall through. Even the most sound opportunities can bring forth some nasty surprises that could eat up all of the money. Igor Cornelsen suggests knowing when to let go of an investment that is failing. When people hold onto an investment that is declining in value, they risk losing the money that they have invested in. Another thing that is to be considered is that losing is inevitable when one makes investments in the stock markets.

Igor Cornelsen is able to prosper because of all of the money management he is capable of. Among the things that he has learned when it comes to investments is to diversify. When people take the time to look at many different opportunities, then they will find some really good opportunities that will leave them at an advantage on That way, if one opportunity falls through, then the investor has another opportunity to fall back on. This is one of the ways that people will not only avoid losing a lot of money, but will also prosper in his investments.

Hedge Fund Genius George Soros Is Betting Against The U.S. Stock Market

According to the Wall Street Journal, the last time George Soros was actively trading stocks was in 2007. But Soros is back, and he has made a bet against the U.S. stock market. George Soros used a derivatives position to place that bet, and he increased his investments in gold at the same time by buying shares of Barrick Gold, the SPDR Gold Trust, and Silver Wheaton.

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George Soros and other top hedge fund investors have a pretty dim view of the global market. In fact, Soros has been predicting a global recession since 2012. His recent return to the trading table has people talking. Some investors believe Soros was right when he said that the world is not on the verge of a global recession; it is in process. It’s not a prediction anymore. It is a reality. The Soros family hedge fund is a $30 billion fund, and only family members are part of the fund. The Soros fund recently sold 35 percent of their stock holdings, and the fund increased its position in the gold market. Gold is the haven when a recession hits. The price of gold has jumped since the beginning of 2016 even though the U.S. stock market hit a record high. Many investors believe the stock market is artificially inflated, and the bottom could fall out any day.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

That’s what Soros has been saying for months. He is basing his prediction on China’s bad debt situation, the European Union’s possible collapse, the UK leaving the European Union, and the migration and terrorist issues. The main catalyst, according to an article published by, is the China economic situation, and the fact that China is not transparent when it comes to releasing the real information. What Soros and other economists are saying is China’s government will be forced to use a large chunk of their capital reserves to keep their central bank solvent.

George Soros is betting that the Chinese will be forced to devalue their currency just like the Bank of England was forced to devalue the pound sterling in 1992. The Soros hedge fund made more than $7 billion when that happened, and Soros pocketed more than $1 billion in commissions. George and his hedge fund could make that much or more if the yuan is devalued.

The United States election will also play a role in the speed of the recession. According to Soros, Clinton is a better choice than Trump, but Soros has been a loyal Democratic donor for years. But Soros believes that no matter who wins, the recession is happening.

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