Jason Hope: Innovations to Expect on The Internet

With the rapid change of the internet of things, there is need to get an expert opinion so that users can have an idea on the direction of this innovation. Hence, Jason Hope, an entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has a keen interest in futuristic innovation has given some predictions on the where internet of things is heading. With his vast experience in the technology world, Hope has predicted the following;

With the world becoming a global village, part of the reason being the internet of things, many devices have become interconnected raising the issue of security. These devices have sensitive information, such as bank details of users, which if it finds its way to criminals lasting damage can be done. Jason Hope has predicted that these security risks will make security research a priority.

Jason Hope has also predicted that experts will try to decentralize systems to reduce the security risks. He has noted that blockchain technology will assist in this innovation as it uses cryptographic processes to make the control system more decentralized. The blockchain technology makes the internet of things to be more scalable as compared to other methods that were previously used. The technology will make it difficult for the malware to affect big chunks of systems.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) will help in reducing cost issues, minimize latency issues, and increase reliability when dealing with the internet of things. Jason Hope notes that AI will assist in making a more detailed analysis of the data. This comprehensive analysis of data will help large organizations to make more informed decisions in lesser time. Also, AI will go a long way in helping to scale the systems by maximumly utilizing cloud capabilities with the help of fog computation.

The internet of things will help business to be more effective when marketing their products. This effectiveness has already started to take shape as we can now see targeted adverts on Twitter and Facebook. The internet of things is availing data to marketers that they can use to target potential customers. Also, Jason Hope predicts that businesses will use developmental approach by combining products and technologies to develop solutions to problems that they may be facing.

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Jason Hope new eBook contains exclusive information about the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is perhaps one of the biggest believers of the internet of things. He believes that technology is about to make a huge transformation. Jason Hope who has for a long time been writing about technological advancements and the way they are likely to affect business and our lives generally has come up with an eBook which gives an in-depth analysis of the functionality of the Internet of Things. According to Jason Hope, this is a technology which will change a lot of things as we know them today. These changes will be so monumental such that the present technology stands no chance to be compared with IoT. Although we have started seeing the initial phase of IoT taking place, the innovations to come are way too bigger.

In his eBook which is called “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era,” he details how the internet of things will work and gives detailed information to those who have not yet come across information about technology. The eBook is available on Amazon for any person who would like to buy it. It is going for a very small cost

Jason Hope starts by defining the meaning of the Internet of Things to readers. The intention here is to have everyone on board regarding this technology. He defines the Internet of Things technology as one where the almost all the electronic devices use in our lives will be able to connect with each other. This will make the lives of the people very effectively. All these devices will be able to share information with one another and will be possible to have all the information about the devices processed from a smartphone. In home automation, for instance, it will be possible to switch on the lights at your home while still in office.

The internet of things technology will not only affect lives at a personal level, it will as well affect the business and the industries around us. In fact, this is the area where much effect will be felt. According to the Internet of Things, it is highly possible for the Internet of Things to control any device which has an on/off switch. At a time when the number of IoT devices are predicted to reach over 25 million by 2020, we expect to see more of them soon.

Jason Hope was born in Arizona and is an investor as well as a philanthropist. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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