EOS Lip Balm is Designed to Appeal to all of the Senses

One of the most unusual accessories carried by many female celebrities is a little round ball containing lip balm. This popular lip balm is made by a company called Evolution of Smooth or EOS for short. The name is certainly appropriate given the background of how the product came about. In an online article co-founder Sanjiv Mehra talks openly about how he and his team of experienced marketing managers sought out to revolutionize the lip balm industry. Until their product came along, the choice of lip balm products was limited to two major companies who both produced a similar type of nondescript product.

Creating an Extraordinary Product

The creation of the product became top priority for the team at EOS. They needed to make something that would outperform the products currently available while grabbing the attention of consumers. The first step was to reinvent the type of container used to hold the lip balm. The products currently on the market came in cylindrical tubes with no visually appealing graphics. Choosing to think outside the box, the team at EOS decided to make their containers spherical. They also made them available in assorted colors so they would be more visually attractive. The products are available on the shelves of Target, Walmart and Ulta stores nationwide.

The design of their lip balm container led the team at EOS lip balm to see what women thought about using a lip balm that came in a sphere. This led them to conduct an in-depth panel study to determine what women wanted in the beauty products they purchased. Choosing to use the information they obtained, the team decided to market their lip balm to women by making it appeal to all of their senses. In addition to the tactile sense of the sphere, the balm was made to engage the senses of taste and smell through the use of organic plant extracts for flavor.

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