How Young Entrepreneur Billy McFarland Built His Startups

While there are some same-age people who are still trying to find their place in this world, Billy McFarland already created his company called Magnises at the age of 23.

Before the Conception of the Companies

Although Billy was born in the city of New York, his parents relocated to New Jersey, specifically in Stoats Hill, to raise their family there. Even before he began going to the University, his mind was already into building his own business in the future.

As a matter of fact, when McFarland was 13 years old, he indeed established the first of the many companies he will produce in his lifetime. The main idea regarding the said trade was to help various designers connect to more consumers.

The young entrepreneur did go to college, particularly at Bucknell University, yet he dropped out when he was taking up computer engineering.


The amount of knowledge he had about computers did not get wasted even if he discarded schooling altogether, for he was able to build Spling, a digital platform that gives diverse web owners the opportunity to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their URLs by changing the normal texts into beautiful graphics. A couple of clients that the company can largely speak of are Universal and Discovery.


Magnises is the startup company that brought Billy McFarland a lot of recognition since the past year when he launched it. The concept that prevails in this business is unique, for his mission is to assist young adults like himself in experiencing the luxurious nightlife in cities at a much affordable rate.

When people sign up for a Magnises membership, they obtain a black card that lets them avail discounts in restaurants or become VIP guests in the hottest nightclubs, parties, or performances that are taking place downtown.

According to Billy McFarland, they are looking into teaming up with different brand at the moment, but the selection process may take a while as they wish to bring aboard the ones that share their goals.

The business flourishes quite well that Billy McFarland and his team were capable of moving the Magnises headquarters into a post penthouse at the Lower East Side.

In August 2013 McFarland founded Magnises and on March 1, 2014, he officially launched the card with a goal of developing a black card that was based on technology and society oriented to offer advice that would make everyday living worth. The card has appealed to the young generation, and it’s not in any way the same to the original credit card.

The card has no connection to banks but it transfers data from authentic cards, and it can be used the same way as a debit or credit card. The card has a yearly charge of two fifty US dollars, it does not charge any amount for registration and has no requirement for expenditure.

The card can be easily accessed to in New York City and Washington DC. Arrangements are under way to have the card available in London, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston. McFarland’s Magnises company has been able to make more than three million US dollar in venture capital, and the number of its members has risen to over ten thousand people.

The Magnises black card allows the holder to access the New York Penthouse a club that allows members to create perfect networks. With the black card, it is possible to pay for products and services, but this is only done after it has been connected to the holder’s debit or credit card.

The greatest advantage that the card has are the perks that come with it. The card that Billy developed is made of metal and once a holder of the card flashes its possible to get discounts on hotels, bars, and clubs. It is also possible to book for private concerts using the card and make reservations for exclusive experiences such as getaways.

According to Crunchbase, when the business insider was interviewing Billy, he disclosed that Magnises is determined to develop an excellent platform that will be able to connect Millennials with business opportunities that exist online and also offline.

The age bracket that Billy’s Magnises card is targeting is between 21 to 35 years people who want to stay engaged in what is happening in the social scenes.