Neurocore, Looking Inside For Depression Clues

The CEO of Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, Mark Murrison says that their treatment programs help “retrain the brain.” They focus on helping realign and “strengthen” portions of the brain that are weak, due to factors such as stress and depression. Murrison also spoke about the stigma of society attached to depression. Because it’s regarded as a form of mental illness. Depression is a depleted state of brain malfunction. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore examines the root of the problem by taking an in-depth look at the electrical impulses in the field of surrounding the brain neurons. It’s called, “qEEG brainwave mapping,” and the experts at Neurocore use this Neurofeedback to find what’s causing the person’s state of depression. And then figure out if it’s chronic or if it’s mild. Because without proper treatment and diagnosis, depression can become draining, sucking the want out of the person and soon they can’t seem to complete anything.

Even the simplest tasks need an extraordinary amount of willpower and mental energy, they find it hard to manage normal tasks, such as daily hygiene. Eventually, those suffering from untreated depression, slowly withdraw from normal personal habits. This where the programs offered at Neurocore comes into play, and it isn’t built prescribing antidepressants or any other mind-altering medications. They use mind therapies such as “positive” reinforcements and review how other factors such as eliminating stress can change the way a client responds. Using the brainwaves map as a diagnostic tool, Neurocore has enabled a large percentage of their clients to recover from depression. In documented cases, nearly 84% of those completing the Neurocore Brain Program saw a reduction in their symptoms. And 67% achieved a complete recovery and were no longer considered clinically depressed. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

We know that traditionally, antidepressants are a part of standardized treatment for depression. However, that’s not the case at Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. There are four types of treatment offered, clients can choose memory boot camps, the at-home program, therapy, and counseling, or an in-center program. Often clients suffering from depression, don’t have the strength to leave their home, enter Neurocore with the mobile home therapy program. The keys to successful depression treatment are the principles of Neuroscience. In other words, Neurocore studies the electromagnetic waves, then devise a plan to unlock the misfiring part of the brain’s core structure.