Norka Luque’s Music Brings in a Romantic and Electric Vibe

To many musicians, singing is always a means to earn more money, gain fans and respect from their peers. However, to Norka Luque, music is a critical tool where people can make a positive impact to the society. Norka, as called by her fans, has had a difficult journey and understands the benefits of music and its strong effect. She has acknowledged on multiple events that music brings joy to people, creates hope for the hopeless and provides education to the ignorant.


Norka Luque is one of those few artists, who when you listen to their music, get joyful, motivated and hopeful. Her son lyrics have been creatively crafted to bring a substantial impact on listeners. She motivates people through her music to be persistent and resilient even when facing hard times. She uses her story to make people believe that it is possible. Her life story and musical journey is one of struggle pain and a resultant success.


Norka Luque’s first musical experiences was singing with a French-based band. The Moon Rising band played at different clubs in France. Luque managed nurture her voice due to frequent practice at various situations. She loved music that was based on reggae, rock, pop or R&B. People always loved it when she sung.


After pursuing undergraduate studies in France, Luque went back to her homeland in Miami. She managed to grow her music with the help of other professionals. Her musical journey took a new and better path when she had an encounter with Estefan, a world-famous producer. Emilio Estefan was truly impressed with her singing and offered to work with her. She undertook more vocal lessons and continued to practice her music.


They worked together to produce music that became instant hits. One of the songs titled As you are made for nomination in the Female Artist of the Year awards in the pop category. Her songs have been placed in similar categories like that of Ricky Martinez, Natalia Jimenez, and Shakira. Her next song Miracle went forth to become instant hits in different parts of the world. The song is originally in a pop version, but other remixes and versions have been produced such as salsa, Latin Music, and dance version.


Her latest singles such as Tomorrowland released in 2015 continues to gain popularity across different parts of the world. There is nothing to expect from her apart from a romantic and electric vibe.

Norka Luque’s Personal and Professional Journey to Stardom

Norka Luque is a highly talented female artiste from Venezuela. Although she does not hail from a musical family, her passion for singing started at a tender age. As a kid, she participate in various singing competitions adding to her interest in music.
Norka’s parents enrolled her in several classes including voice practice, flamenco, piano and ballet. However, this was on the condition that she equally concentrated on her studies. Today, Norka Luque has thanked her parents for giving her a head start in music and believing in her talent. Sure enough, she has managed to transform herself into a powerful international musician and churned out several great hits that resonate well with her fast-growing audience.

Studying in France

After her high school in Venezuela, Norka attended college in France where she studied international business administration. During her stint in France, she joined a band called Bad Moon Rising that primarily concentrated on playing funk and rock music. She became a soloist for the band and featured in several live performances that helped boost her confidence and experience.

After finishing her studies in France, Norka Luque went to the United States and enrolled in singing classes. During her time at the studio, she had a life-changing encounter with Emilio Estefan Jr., a prominent US music producer. She has stated that she has fond memories of the day she met Emilio Estefan since he took time off his busy schedule to listen to her. She was able to secure an official appointment to perform before him one week later.

Working with Emilio Estefan

The audition was held at the Crescent Moon Studio. Emilio Estefan liked her raw talent and agreed to work with her. He however asked her to continue her classes to polish up her vocals. Norka has reiterated how much she enjoyed working with Emilio because he firmly believes in team effort and treated her input with the seriousness it deserved. Together they produced several hit singles including “Miracle” – one of her greatest hits to date.

Struggle with Weight

After a personal crisis in 2007, Norka Luque gained excessive weight that had a negative impact on her career. She decided to hire a personal trainer to help her lose the excess weight. She successfully lost 32 kilograms. Today, she plays tennis and exercises regularly to stay fit and healthy. Her personal weight loss journey has been an inspiration to many of her fans.