The expert Maritime Services Offered by Cotemar S.A. de C.V.

Cotemar is a Mexican Oil Company established at Ciudad del Campeche. It was founded in 1979 to support the Oil Industry in Mexico. The company has grown extensively, and it currently offers a portfolio of state of the art marine services in gas and oil exploration.

Specialized and Maritime Support Vessels

The company has standstill ships that offer offshore maintenance services. They have GPS systems which control their motors to enable them to remain still. These ships also have specialized diving systems which allow for convenient undersea inspection procedures of process lines.

Cotemar’s maritime support vessel service is an important carriage artery between Ciudad del Carmen and the offshore. The vessels transport personnel and light cargo around the Campeche Bay.

Cotemar’s fleet consists of refrigerated cargo ships that have a storage yard for construction materials, and a refrigerated compartment for food supplies and other provisions. They also have vessels that transport oil extracted from the oil fields.

The company has specialized vessels for the transportation of heavy and abrasive materials such as sand, mud, and barite. There are also vessels fitted with firefighting equipment to manage fires and oil spills. Cotemar’s maritime activities are compliant with the ISO – ISM- ISPS regulatory control systems.

Modernization, Maintenance, and Engineering

Modernized construction and design process are enhanced by semi-submersible rigs which are mobile. These rigs have mighty derrick cranes, storage areas and large decks for the construction of prefabricated equipment.

Cotemar controls its operations with mobile connection equipment which process field data. Advanced systems play a big role in planning, and this ensures timely delivery. The employees at Cotemar specialize in design, construction, and structural modifications in the oil sector.

The company focuses on completing installations within budget and timeframes without compromising on quality and safety. They increase the value of work at reduced costs to give their customers the best value for their money. Cotemar is also very keen on the current environmental regulations.

Working at Cotemar

Cotemar provides high-class accommodation and catering services to its workers. These services include food, laundry services, general cleaning of common areas and bedding in each cabin.

The accommodation vessels have cabins for two or four people. They also have recreational amenities like TV rooms, cinema halls, basketball courts, and gyms.

For convenience in offshore operations, the company has a hotel at Ciudad del Carmen where personnel lodge when they are off duty.

On Cotemar rigs and vessels, the offshore accommodation services the company provides has the potential to handle at least 4,000 people.