Mikhail Blagosklonny Reveals The Anti-Aging Property Of Rapamycin

Rapamycin or Sirolimus is a medicinal substance isolated from a bacterium. This drug with trade name Rapamune has different uses. Initially, it was an active anti-fungal agent until the discovery of its anti-proliferative and immunosuppressive properties. Besides its popularity in cancer therapy, it prevents organ transplant rejection. Used in the treatment of an uncommon lung disease, Rapamycin is also ideal for coating coronary stents.

As an anti-rejection drug for organ transplantation, it is more efficient than the usual immunosuppressive medications. The prolonged usage of Rapamycin doesn’t affect the kidneys adversely. Due to its low toxicity on the organ, it is the drug of choice for treatment of hemolytic- uremic syndrome. Kidney transplantation is the suitable treatment option for this condition. The drug reduces the chances of the transplanted organ from contacting this disease. Its efficacy in the treatment of Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, LAM, is unparallel. This unusual lung infection affects women within the child-bearing age range. Rapamycin prevents re-stenosis from occurring in the arteries after balloon angioplasty therapy. The use of Sirolimus for coating the coronary stents reduces the risk of restenosis.

The drug boosts immunity against tumors. Consequently, it is useful in preventing the development of cancerous cells in patients that underwent organ transplantation. It is also helpful in arresting tumor growth due to congenital disorder in kidneys, brain, and heart. The application of Rapamycin in the form of gels, creams, and ointments can cure facial angiofibromas.

Through his extensive research, the oncologist, Mikhail Blagosklonny discovered that the drug could increase the lifespan of human beings. The research on reversing aging is still in progress. However, the drug can renew the immune system of older adults. Its efficacy for the treatment of muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer’s disease, and Systemic Lupus Erythematous is under study.

Mikhail Blagoskloony conducted researches on cancer and aging. With a goal to provide the best treatment to people, he concentrated on the prevalence of cancer in older individuals. His studies on the relationship between aging and cancer have been useful in oncology. Being a professor in that field, he has motivated his students and colleagues to continue his researches. This expert encourages them to study means of increasing longevity of human life. Their focus to complete the oncologist’s ongoing analyses will be useful to medicine.

Mikhail Blagoskloony’s researches on aging and cancer aroused the interest of other professionals in the medical field. He aimed at developing a painless therapy for cancer. Besides, he intended to provide affordable and effective cancer treatment to people. Unlike the regular cancer treatment, a cheaper option will give patients the opportunity to receive medical care. To achieve his goal, he tried to develop a therapy that will get rid of cancerous cells. He hopes that this procedure will not harm the healthy cells. After months of treatment, the healthy cells are helpful in the recovery process.

The oncologist hopes that other individuals will further his work to help improve human life. The future studies will help actualize his vision for a cost-effective cancer treatment. A therapy that will be readily accessible to the rich and poor.