Jennifer Walden: How to Take Care of the Skin

Jennifer Walden is a woman like no other. For her patients, cosmetic surgeries come first. Walden has been focusing mostly on helping her many patients to improve their appearances and acquire the beautiful looks they admire from magazines. The Texas based cosmetic surgeon has won awards in the past because of her great performance. Many who meet her believe that she is a woman like no other in the world of cosmetic surgery. While this is an industry that has always been left for the men to focus on, Walden has continued to serve with so much passion. For her, patients come first, and they only get their best when they come to seek her opinion concerning their skin.

For all the people who want to have the best appearances, Jennifer Walden, advices them to try and work on their skin. Skincare should always come first in all the aspects of beauty. People need to start working on their skin by simply making sure that they have cleaned it using a cleanser. The need to use a toner and a moisturizer should then follow, and the patient can be assured of looking young and beautiful for so many years. Aging is one of the things that give people, both men and women, sleepless nights. No one wants to have wrinkles on their skin. Without the right skincare ideas, getting ugly skin problems can be the order of the day. Aging will mostly result to worry lines, spots, sagging skin, sun damage and cellulite. When you are having these problems, it is not easy to be confident in your looks. The help of an expert should be sought at this stage.

If you are having any skin care issues, it is only right, according to Jennifer Walden, to seek the help of a physician. Some of the regimes offered by other people might be harmful to the skin. An expert in skincare will give you the ideas on how to prevent and deal with discoloration, wrinkles, sun damage and worry lines. Your skin should be looking as healthy and beautiful as it is supposed to be. Jennifer Walden says that this is only the way people will start feeling confident in themselves. This is also the only way to slow the aging process and embracing the best version of themselves.

Dr. Jennifer Walden on Instagram

Doctor Jennifer Walden is well known around the world of plastic surgery. She is also well known to patients that follower her account on Instagram. Dr. Jennifer Walden is an aesthetic plastic surgeon and she is also the Commissioner of the Communications ASAPS. In addition to sharing some information about her personal work, Dr. Jennifer’s account gives a look at her personal life as well. She is the mother of twin boys. Dr. Jennifer has over 274,000 followers.

In her Instagram account Doctor Jennifer Walden shares photos of her work. She has many pictures where she is performing cosmetic surgery on her patients. Some of these pictures that are shared on the Instagram account is Dr. Jennifer performing liposuction and similar procedures where she is removing unwanted fat from her patients. In these pictures she is in full scrubs and is working on real patients. There are even some before and after pictures of Dr. Jennifer with the people that she has helped.

In addition to looking at the pictures a person can see a video clip of Dr. Jennifer while she is performing the procedures. In one video she is seen performing liposuction on a patient. Her Instagram account also contains pictures of some of the conferences she has attended. There are pictures of Dr. Jennifer giving a presentation on plastic surgery at conferences and speaking with others in the field. If a person wants to look and feel better about themselves they can look to the Instagram account of Dr. Jennifer Walden and see what services she can do for them.

A Guide to Better Plastic Surgery: Dr. Jennfifer Walden

Whether you call it plastic surgery, or your call in cosmetic surgery, these advanced-medical treatments are great for vanity purposes. These treatments are also heaven-sent for accident victims. Plastic surgery has come a long way since its inception and as of today, some of the most technologically advanced components are being used for treatments. Have you ever heard of Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center? If you haven’t heard, then you’re probably not from around the Austin, Texas, area. Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center has a well-trained staff, uses high-tech equipment and offers a wide array of plastic surgery services.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is the captain of the ship, and she is one of the most well-respected individuals in this exclusive field of work. The Austin-native has a strong passion for her craft, and she has went through some of the most intense training. Walden has an undergraduate degree in Biology from the famed University of Texas. She also graduated with honors while studying here. The University of Texas Medical Branch was her next stop, but she was waitlisted in the beginning. Once she was fully accepted, Walden did a lot of major things for an aspiring medical professional. She worked with renowned medical professionals such as Dr. Tom Baker, she received an externship at Miami’s Plastic Surgery Association, and she attained her Medical Doctorate with the highest of honors as she was named the salutatorian of he class.

After earning her fellowship in New York at Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, she would continue to work on the city’s Upper East Side until 2011. Walden has won the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award as well as won the Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award. What more could a plastic surgeon ever ask for? She has been a medical commentator for ABC News, for Fox News and for other national syndicates. Dr. Jennifer Walden has laid a professional blueprint of success for aspiring plastic surgeons, and she has the grown into being a great role model.

The Oustanding Career of Dr. Jennifer Waldens in Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden decided against joining a male-dominated field of medicine because she wanted to bring new ideas to the industry. Jennifer was raised in Austin, Texas and her childhood dream was succeeding in the medical profession. A majority of the individuals who seek for cosmetic surgery procedures are women, but it’s ironical that most of the professionals in this sector are men. Dr. Jennifer Walden chose a career in plastic surgery because it’s only through the profession that she could impact on the lives of men and women who want their body features enhanced.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is academically qualified and fully certified by all the relevant agencies to practice plastic surgery in Austin, Texas. She is a mentor to most girls who are keen on going down the same career path as her. According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, most women shy away from her profession because it requires a lot of commitment and time. For someone to graduate from medical school and specialize in cosmetic surgery, they must devote a lot of their time to classes and research.

Dr. Walden’s family background played a significant role in her choice of career. Her mother was a registered surgical nurse while her father had an experience in dentistry. After graduating high school, Jennifer joined the University of Texas for her Bachelor of Science in Biology. After her undergraduate, Jennifer began her studies in medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. She then proceeded to her fellowship in aesthetic under the guidance of Dr. Sherell Aston at the Manhattan ENT Hospital. Dr. Jennifer Walden practiced cosmetic surgery in New York before relocating to Austin Texas where she set up her clinic.

Providing Leading Surgical Operations at the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center

Dr Jennifer Walden is a leading and experienced plastic surgeon based in Texas, America where she has an office in the Mable Falls. She is currently the most sought out surgeon in the specialty of plastic surgery. Walden worked for the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat before founding her private practice, the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. The inspiration to pursue this line of profession was received from Dr. Sherrell Aston during the early years of Walden’s training.

Areas of surgical specializations

The Walden Cosmetic and Surgery Center specialized in aesthetic and facial surgeries, nose surgery or famously called the rhinoplasty, breast reconstruction as well as breast augmentation, breast reduction and face-enhancing surgeries.

Walden was certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has since been actively involved in her practice. She is an ardent and active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, where she serves as a vice commissioner of communications as well as its spokesperson. Dr. Walden has won many distinguished accolades and awards, apart from the many scholarships, which have led her to continue her expertise in the field. Click here to know more.

Dr. Walden’s brief academic background

Jennifer Walden received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology Degree from the University of Texas, and graduating with Honors and the top student in her class. She went ahead to further her education and received a PhD from the same institution, in the Texas Medical Branch, where she emerged as a Salutatorian. She was consequently elected as the President of the Alpha Chapter of the Medical Society.

The charges at the Walden Surgical Center vary depending on the kind of procedures and the operations undertaken to a client, but have remained constant for a period of 9 years since the start of the practice. A face-boosting operation costs $10,000 whereas an augmentation costs $ 7,000. Rhinoplasty costs about $7,000. Dr. Walden has led in a field dominated by men and hence inspired the women folk.

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Top Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board-certified plastic surgeon who recently moved from New York City back to Austin, Texas to raise her family. She currently runs her own practice out of a suite in the Westlake Medical Center. Her office is not only spacious and very up-to-date but it is also filled with positive and friendly energy.


Dr. Waldens suite features her own on-site operating room which allows patients to feel safe and comfortable. She has all of the tools and technology necessary to perform the most basic or time-consuming procedures. Below are just a few of the different procedures that Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff offer in her private facility.




A facelift is meant to tighten the muscles and remove the fat from around the face to help give a more youthful and smooth appearance. A facelift can help reduce wrinkles around the mouth and jaw as well as around the eyes and neck.


Butt Augmentation


A butt augmentation is a rather popular procedure nowadays. Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff specialize in butt augmentation especially with fat transfer. It is a great way to enlarge the butt area or reshaped it.


Brow Lift


Brow lifts are meant to decrease lines in the forehead and help rejuvenate drooping skin. Dr. Jennifer Walden uses both traditional and minimally invasive procedures to offer her patients the best brow lift available.




Probably one of the most common plastic surgeries available a rhinoplasty is better known as a nose job. A nose job or rhinoplasty is used to reshape and reduce a patient’s nose. Dr. Jennifer Walden can remove humps, narrow wide nostrils or even change the angle of the nose.


These are just a few of the many different cosmetic procedures that Dr. Jennifer Walden and her office staff provide. They also provide other procedures such as a tummy tuck, thermal vagina tightening, thigh lifts, and even body lifts. Dr. Walden has practiced in some of the top hospitals in the world. She was an assistant attending at Bellevue Hospital in New York City as well as a clinical instructor of surgery at the New York University Langone Medical Center. She is currently on board at many local hospitals in the Austin, Texas area. With such extensive training and such a large offering of cosmetic procedures it is easy to see why Dr. Walden is one of the top respected cosmetic surgeons in the world.

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