Gourmet Dog Food Is Growing In The Market

Dog lovers are growing increasingly attracted towards premium brand dog foods. The Purina-owned brand named Beneful is offering up a host of amazing selection. Beneful boasts everything from dental health-improving treats to wet foods that look a lot more like Thanksgiving dinner than a nightly dog’s meal. These premium selections are selling extremely well on Amazon. “Selling well” may not even be the proper wording. The Daily Herald notes that sales are outright surging to stratospheric numbers. High sales figures really should be expected. The food choices do offer customers and their pets something very appealing. Premium dog food refers to those brands that are made with very high-quality ingredients. The inclusion of unique ingredients is intended to serve two purposes. The first is to give a four-legged friend something a little better tasting at meal time. The other reason is to improve the nutritional value of the meals. Premium foods are noted for their inclusion of various nutrients a dog’s diet should include and may currently be deficient in. Beneful makes it a point to be very clear over the presence of nutrients. Protein, for example, is promoted in some choices intended for more active canines. Blueberries are singled out for their energy-producing value. In Beneful, those blueberries and other fruits and vegetables are real and not just the result of flavoring. Natural ingredients are a must when hoping to maintain the purported high quality of the food. In the Daily Herald article, it is mentioned people are actually employed to test the taste of ingredients. This should not be considered anything odd. Taste testing definitely ensures only the best batches make their way to the processing phase. At the early stages, ingredients are cooked as if they are ready for serving at the hot section of a supermarket. Then, the are moved to canning and packaging where they end up looking like traditional dog food.