How Online Reputation Management Helps Your Business To Grow

The reputation your business has gained over the years determines what it will achieve in coming years. If the journey has been marred by challenges and bad press, there is high likelihood the business will be losing many customers due to the bad mentions. The online market is dynamic and a slight mistake can be shared across all networks within minutes. Transacting online is also one of the best ideas for a business since the market is huge and there are millions of customers looking for the kind of products you stock.

To keep your online reputation in check, you need to first work on your social media presence. Let as many people as possible understand your business and its offerings. You should also wok on creating a huge fan base on social sites like Facebook. Once you share interesting information they can share to their followers and friends, who in turn are likely to join your page. There are many benefits that come with a good online reputation that you can reap through social media.

Increased visibility

Having more exposure is a good thing for a business and works by boosting its reputation. There are many people who don’t know about your business but through positive press they can come to terms with the kind of items you deal in. Always share information that is interesting and engage less marketing because it may become too cliché to some people. First work on getting a huge fan base. All these can be achieved if the business builds a god reputation through an online reputation management strategy.

More sales

Once the business gets many followers, you can have your products and services viewed by many people, which translates to higher chances of them ordering the products you stock. People trust a well-reputed business and will not doubt the quality of all the products shared, so once you manage to build a solid reputation, your business will be in a good position to connect with more customers and make more sales in the process. Therefore, having an online reputation management strategy is a necessary idea that one should never ignore.


Lessons You Can Learn From Status Labs

In 2015, an executive with Status Labs made a mistake that almost cost the company its own despite the fact that it had helped over 1,000 customers to survive their own crisis. CEO Darius Fisher says that he learned several valuable lessons that he hopes will help others should the need ever arise.

First, Darius says that the first step that the company took after removing the offending executive was to help team members connect with their Austin based community. Employees were encouraged to find projects and volunteer. Many non-profits around Austin benefitted from the help of these hard working employees. Since the press covered many of these events, good publicity was generated. The employees also felt better about the company where they worked and the community where they lived as they helped collect food for the needy, deliver meals to the elderly and help lower income children go to camp. As employees worked together on these projects, teamwork became much stronger.
Secondly, Darius offered employees the chance to own part of the company through buying shares in it. Being given the chance to own the company naturally made employees want to work harder. Darius took this a step further by creating opportunities where employees could give him feedback on what was working within the company and what needed improvement. Darius quickly learned that those closest to problems often had the best ideas on how to handle tricky situations.
There is no doubt that Status labs is on the road to recovery from their own reputation problem. The steps implemented by the company allowed employees to serve their community and allowed Austin to get to know these valuable employees personally. Additionally, employees were given the opportunity to implement changes within the company making it much stronger. If you are dealing with your own reputation crisis, following Status Labs’ path to success is a great place to start.