Perry Mandera shares insights on becoming successful as an entrepreneur

Custom Companies CEO and Founder, Perry Mandera is one of the most iconic entrepreneurs in the logistics and transportation industry. The Illinois Transportation Association recognized this entrepreneur as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” in 2000. Perry set up his logistics and transportation company in 1976 soon after leaving the Marines where he was in charge of transporting troops and supplies. With the skills that he acquired in the Marines, he set up one of the most prosperous logistics and transportation companies in the United States. Recently, IdeaMensch interviewed Perry Mandera, and during this interview, he shared insights on becoming successful as an entrepreneur.

Bring ideas to life

According to this iconic entrepreneur, one of the essential contributors to success is the ability to bring ideas to life effectively. These are ideas that will help your company stand out from its competition and prosper. Perry pointed out that it was crucial for an entrepreneur to have a competent team that can help them come up with revolutionary ideas and also successfully bring them to life. He mentioned that his team comprises of individuals he has been working with for more than three decades, and this makes it easy to bring any ideas to life. Perry Mandera added that it was also important to involve an outside expert in this process and that’s why he engages a consultant or industrial phycologist when needed.

Keeping up to date with upcoming industry trends

This logistics and transportation guru mentioned during this interview that keeping up with new industry trends was also a good recipe for success. He stated that the business environment is ever-changing thanks to technology and therefore it was imperative for an entrepreneur to keep an eye on the new industry trends. Perry Mandera said that these new industry trends could easily give an entrepreneur an edge over their competition and lead them to prosperity. He said that in his industry, new defining technologies like autonomous driving have the potential of drastically changing logistics and transportation. Perry Mandera keeps an eye out for such technologies to better his business.

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