Malini Saba has Many Avenue Streams

Malini Saba is the co-founder of an investment firm called the Saban Capital Group. She is the person that has been able to move up to higher echelons in the business world because she has been humble. Her ability to look beyond the obstacles and keep moving has given her the ability to become a successful leader.

This is a company that has been able to specialize in entertainment, real estate and communication. Malini Saba has worked hard, and it all started with her desire to learn more. In the early years of her learning she was listening to free lectures on finances. During this time she was able to get the knowledge that she needed in order to start her career as a venture capitalist. I think that this was an interesting time for her. She learned how to seek out the companies that were profitable, but this was because she was able to take risks.

Malini Saba has created a company like Saban and through this she has been able to invest in entertainment companies like Lionsgate and Walt Disney. This is an amazing time for her right now because companies like Walt Disney are doing exceptionally well. Malini is one of the top female investors in all of South Asia. She has also invested in real estate as well. These are the things that have made her a popular mogul among the women like myself that are still in college. She is already in a place that we are trying to get to. I like the fact that she has been able to start her own company and continue to grow. Right now she is serving as the chairman of Saban, and she also has a lot of work to do with her non-profit organization.

In my eyes Malini Saba is the person that is given back after she made it. There is a lot happening with her investment firm, but this has not stopped her from taking the time to give back. Many people that become business moguls will lose sight of the importance of giving back. Malini Saba has never been one of these people. She has always been interested in giving back to women that are at-risk, and her company – the Stree Foundation – has allowed her to do this. She is a mogul that sees the value of extending her wealth among the underprivileged.