Mighty Fortress Church Is An Environment For All People

Mighty Fortress Church is a non-denominational church located in Minnesota. This church has existed for almost 15 years, and it has grown to be one of the largest churches in the state. With thousands of people visiting the church every Sunday and millions of people viewing the church services on television, Mighty Fortress Church is on its way to becoming an international ministry.

What makes Mighty Fortress Church stand out from all other churches is that all people are welcome. Regardless of a person’s religious background, political affiliation, or sexual orientation, all people are welcome to Mighty Fortress Church. Whether you come to church every Sunday or once a year, Mighty Fortress Church welcomes you. Additionally, Mighty Fortress Church does not ask people for money. They believe the gospel should be given freely, and they rely on the Lord to meet all their financial needs and goals. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Mighty Fortress Church also stands out in the state of Minnesota for its outstanding food pantry. Every Sunday, after each of the three church services, people from all over the state line up to get a basket of food. This is a first come first served basis, and there is no proof of income needed.

Visit: http://mightyfortress.net/core-values

Bishop Thomas Willimas has been a pastor for almost 40 years, and he has spent half that time as pastor of Mighty Fortress Church. Growing up in Minnesota, Bishop Thomas Williams always wanted to build a church for hurting people. He is also wanted to build a church that is free from the chains of modern religion. Bishop Thomas Williams is sometimes condemned by other Christians for how he goes out of his way to help people of all faiths. However, Bishop Williams believes helping all people is the true message of the Gospel. Bishop Williams has been featured in some of the largest church conferences around the world and on both religious and secular television programs. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.com.