The Success Story of Serge Belamant with Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant is a pioneer in the blockchain technology and he has come up with a number of inventions that have improved transparency, security and accuracy in the finance sector. Serge Christian Pierre Belamant is known for creating the first incarnation of blockchain technology back in 1989 and holds the patent for that technology. He used smart cards with a micro-controller which creates a distributed independent transaction ledger.

Defining blockchain technology

The blockchain technology is often referred to as a distribution of ledger records that are linked together through cryptography. The individual ledgers have a cryptographic transaction data as well as cryptographic time-stamp. The tech entrepreneur developed blockchain technologies using smart cards.

Who is Serge Belamant?

Born in Tulle, France in 1953, Mr. Belamant attended Highlands North High School for Boys after he moved to South Africa as a young boy. He was admitted to Witwatersrand University in 1972 to study engineering. About two years into the course, he started studying computer science and applied mathematics leaving the original course. He later transferred to the University of South Africa although he didn’t sail through to graduation.

Mr. Belamant’s technology based work career

As a young man, Serge Belamant was employed by Matrix, an established civil engineering company and started working in the company’s BKSH division. In 1980, he was named analyst of the year while working on a Cybernet application support team of Control Data. He went ahead to work at DATABANK using Control Data equipment. Mr. Belamant is credited with the creation of the VIB network.

As his career continued to follow an upward trajectory, Serge Belamant served at Bancorp as a consultant. As a result of his exemplary performance in the position, he was given a full membership to the RSA Computer Society. He joined SASWITCH and headed the company’s IT division. In a nutshell, he has achieved a lot serving in various capacities.

The blockchain technology creation

In 1995, Visa hired Net1 Technologies to develop a new application using the FTS/UEPS technology which Mr. Belamant had created. Net1 Technologies, more importantly Belamant, developed Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card (COPAC) for visa. Net1 Technologies continued to grow creating huge inventions in the industry.

Where is Serge Belamant today?

Mr. Belamant founded Zilch Technology Limited after leaving Net1 Technologies. The company focuses on the entrepreneurs’ inventions in the banking sector. He actively contributes to the company’s growth inventing more blockchain technology.

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