Dr. Jennifer Walden on Instagram

Doctor Jennifer Walden is well known around the world of plastic surgery. She is also well known to patients that follower her account on Instagram. Dr. Jennifer Walden is an aesthetic plastic surgeon and she is also the Commissioner of the Communications ASAPS. In addition to sharing some information about her personal work, Dr. Jennifer’s account gives a look at her personal life as well. She is the mother of twin boys. Dr. Jennifer has over 274,000 followers.

In her Instagram account Doctor Jennifer Walden shares photos of her work. She has many pictures where she is performing cosmetic surgery on her patients. Some of these pictures that are shared on the Instagram account is Dr. Jennifer performing liposuction and similar procedures where she is removing unwanted fat from her patients. In these pictures she is in full scrubs and is working on real patients. There are even some before and after pictures of Dr. Jennifer with the people that she has helped.

In addition to looking at the pictures a person can see a video clip of Dr. Jennifer while she is performing the procedures. In one video she is seen performing liposuction on a patient. Her Instagram account also contains pictures of some of the conferences she has attended. There are pictures of Dr. Jennifer giving a presentation on plastic surgery at conferences and speaking with others in the field. If a person wants to look and feel better about themselves they can look to the Instagram account of Dr. Jennifer Walden and see what services she can do for them.